SEED is all about our people!  Without a committed staff and volunteer base, we would not be able to do what we do.  Check out who is leading the charge here.  If you want to see a list of our volunteers, head to the program pages and check it out.  We are really proud of the people we get to work alongside.

  • Shawn SMith

    Executive Director // Pastor // shawn@seed425.com

    About Shawn:

    I graduated from Puget Sound Christian college in 2007, Got hitched to my better half, Rachel Smith, and together we have 3 beautiful and amazing children (Rocky, Zeke, and Abbey).  I fell in love with South Everett after serving here for a few yours in ministry at New Hope Christian Church.  It reminds me of home.  I grew up in North Portland, Oregon and so much of the culture here takes me back!  I love to play and coach basketball, drink coffee, study God's word, and drink coffee!  Did i mention I like coffee...

    Why do you LOVE working at SEED?!?!

    Simply put, I enjoy seeing students challenge their beliefs and test their faith.  We all grow up learning simple truths about the world, but sometimes as we grow, we learn things are much more complex.  I believe Jesus is the TRUTH and once our students get a taste of that, theres no turning back!

    FAV FOOD???

    Easy...Pepperoni and Pineapple Pizza.

    Starbucks Drink??

    Carmel Macciatto - Iced or Hot!

  • Joscelyn Soldato

    Volunteer coordinator // joscelyn@seed425.com

    About Joscelyn:

    I am currently working for KeyBank as a teller, but one day I think it would be cool to get into real-estate and maybe even interior design.  I live in Marysville now, but I grew up in South Everett for most of my adolescent life and was a part of SEED before it became what it is today. Jesus is my #1 and I strive to do all I can to further His kingdom and teach other to love Him as well!

    What's one thing you LOVE about working at SEED???

    I was a student in SEED from 6th grade and even now am a part of our young adults group.  I know how much my life was impacted from the community and the leaders at SEED.  I want ALL STUDENTS IN SOUTH EVERETT to feel that kind of love and support.

    Inspiring Song Lyric??

    "You are beautiful just the way you are" - Bruno Mars

    What's your favorite Starbucks drink?!?!

    Iced White Mocha!!!

  • Parker McClaugherty

    Student Intern // Parker@seed425.com

    About Parker:

    I grew up in a small town in Oregon called Canby for my whole life, and have attended the same church for my whole life as well. I was also involved in the youth group there, and volunteering on the worship team. It was there (in the church), that I first got my love for working with the youth from seeing how much my youth pastor impacted my own life, and many others around me. After graduating high school, I went to Boise Bible College for a year and absolutely loved it up there! However, in that year at college, through different circumstances, I decided to take a year off and intern somewhere to gain the experience to pair with my knowledge I have learned up in Boise. And that's what has gotten me here today to SEED!

    What's one thing you LOVE about working at SEED?

    I have always admired the love and dedication our volunteers here at SEED have for each and every one of our kids. It's amazing being able to see how much our volunteers impact these kids lives by just being willing.

    Favorite Food?

    Tacos. But not just any tacos... The world renowned, best selling, and famous McClaugherty Tacos.

    Favorite Starbucks Drink?

    Well... I'm not a huge coffee fan, so I would much rather have tea over coffee. So in that case, I love a nice herbal tea or even a solid green tea.

  • SEED Board of Directors

    Our board of directors are a group of committed Jesus followers who are passionate about the work we are doing in the lives of students in South Everett.  They come from a variety of backgrounds from serving in churches, business, schools, and everything in between.  We are thankful for their service and leadership.

    Jason Otto - Chair

    Phil Raker - Vice Chair

    Kaley Mitchell - Secretary

    Rachel Smith - Treasurer

    Vince Mack - Board Member

    Janet Spesock - Board Member

    Danielle Defreese - Board Member