Family Holiday Assistance Program

A Seed of Hope is a family holiday assistance program that gives children from low-income families the Christmas we know every child deserves. 

In partnership with local churches, organizations, families, and individuals, A Seed of Hope sponsors over 30 low-income families

for the holiday season from the South Everett Community. Our mission is to provide our families with hope through the generosity of others.

Stories involve ones of lost jobs, apartment fires, challenges with disabilities, and low-paying jobs. Experiences range from homelessness to inability to pay bills. Families are selected based on low-income status and need as determined by Voyager Middle School counselors. The goal is for each child to have a new outfit for the winter season (e.g. Jeans, Shirt, Hoody, Shoes) and a gift or two that they are hoping for.

Thank you for partnering with us to bring Hope to South Everett this holiday season!  Together, we are making a difference!